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Migrants coming to Europe will spurn norms of European society

Of course there should be a humanitarian response to the migrant crisis but there needs to be more long term thought about the consequences of those naïve fools who call for the gates of Europe to be opened. 

I bet none of the armchair liberals will themselves have to live with the consequences of such a step or have to compete against migrants for scarce resources. As usual it will be migrants who are placed in already deprived areas and left to fend for themselves in isolation against disadvantaged locals.

Who are these migrants anyway — where are they coming from; what is it they are seeking?

They are coming from Libya, Syria and places like Iraq. Why? I have not once heard a single migrant (male or female) claim they have fled to seek a new life where the rights of their wife and daughters are equal to men, that they want to live in a society that has freedom of religion, a free press, a free legal system, a corrupt free (although crony riddled) political system and public service. Interestingly also, I don’t see any of these people accepting the help offered to them from Israel.

Are these people going to integrate their lives with European norms? Are they going to change their habits and mindsets when they are placed in social housing in run-down complexes in the poorest parts of Europe’s cities?

Will their children grow up to be able to decide to marry whomever they love, regardless of gender, sexuality or religion?

Every person who has been arrested and charged with a terrorism offence in Europe has been brought up in Europe. So despite a lifetime of growing up in Europe, they still spurned the norms of European civilisation.

It is not the fault of the West that the Middle East is such a mess. At worst Bush/Blair lifted the lid on issues that were put on hold in the Middle Ages. If these migrants’ side was winning they would be inflicting the same horrors on the people who are doing that to them.

Europe will rue the day it allows many of these people to enter our society as they will seek to live their lives apart from us, while taking every cent in welfare.

A great many will not allow their children to integrate, they will retain their oppressive religion and as in places like the UK, France and Sweden, they (unlike most other non-Muslim migrants) will likely make themselves a class apart.

I’m sorry, but sometimes you have to be blunt to get the message through.

The best way to help these people is to prevent them leaving their country in the first place but if they do leave, provide safe places, on cruise ships or maybe some suitable uninhabited island, where they can be processed and returned to the countries they came from.

These people share our humanity and we must provide all the practical help they need in terms of food and shelter but they do not share our European ideals (as imperfect as they may be).

I will be open to persuasion if I see some of these people being rehomed next door to Irish politicians and people in the media who write articles about how other people should allow them be placed in their communities.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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