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Making a stand

YES, I stayed away last Sunday from the holy sacrifice of the mass. Why?

In order to remonstrate against the suffering the Catholic Church has caused to men, women and children.

The church, without women in equal authority to men, has caused devastation and pain to any thinking Christian.

Jesus became a man due to the constraints of the time in which he lived.

God has no gender; neither has the holy spirit, but to make it relate to us as human beings we say “the father, son and holy spirit”.

I am happy for the Kathy Sinnotts of this world (Letters, September 25) to remain in their comfort zone, which is indeed appropriate for her and those of like mind.

However, for Catholics such as Jennifer Sleeman, it took exceptional courage and trust to make a stand on behalf of justice and a weeping Christ.

Maireád Costelloe




Co Cork


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