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Low-fat not necessarily better that low-carb diet

In regards to recent headlines about low-fat diet being better for fat loss than low carb, this experiment is faulty in two respects. A figure of 29% carb is lowish carb but it is not less than 10% carb, which is what a proper low-carb diet is.

The experiment was tightly controlled with participants being restricted in what they could eat.

In real life this does not happen. Some people can tolerate a low-fat diet, but people who are to some extent, insulin resistant, which is the majority of the population, can’t and become ravenous on it.

If you’ve ever been on a “diet” which left you ravenous, you know what I’m talking about. A proper low-carb high fat diet is highly satisfying and enables the individual to lose weight without hunger.

Have I had a foot in both camps? Yes. I lost 42lb when I was about 28 on a low fat diet and within one year of the diet starting, I’d put it all back on. This is a near-universal finding.

Currently, I’m 40lb down on a long-term weight, having started in 2010. I’ve a mildly restrictive diet, but can keep at this weight without hunger.

Garry Lee




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