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Less well-off paying the price

Powerful private capital trumps ordinary workers and unemployed who have become diffuse and weakened through personal debt burden and socialisation of private capitalist losses, eroding public health and state education funding.

Sadly, many ordinary people listened to blandishments from private capitalists when instead public investment was needed, and our GDP has over time been shrinking.

What is the extent of losses from public monies, on such things as €400 million on the bottle-factory Ringsend site and the rest?

All of this was specious strategy.

The losses are probably numbingly shocking.

A hint came when reporters first, by chance, encountered the IMF bailout team in Dublin.

Where went monies for public use that we so desperately need and why can’t we find out? Private capitalists gain trebly, using ordinary people for labour, as bearers of private capital losses, and through private capitalists, pressurising government in a time of crisis, exporting capital, gaining public resources and more private capital. Such public money when converted to private capital can then also be moved offshore, weakening further our ordinary people and the state.

Recent governments paid unfeasibly huge amounts of public monies, from taxes, loans and grant funds, for sites now being paid for by the suffering of ordinary people.

The wealthy can thus await socio-economic collapse and acquire more state resources.

Private capital grows whilst ordinary people may be seen struggling to afford moving whole families abroad, or must break up in order to survive as individuals.

The fourth estate can see that.

A shadow of terrifying 1845-1851 falls.

The abuse of people and resources calls to mind pre-death squad central America.

Non-wealthy Irish people are being pushed off our resource-rich island, possessed of vast potential for hydrocarbons, ores, copious water and good land, by interests, including private capitalists.

Organised criminals, interests and recent governments have had similarly eroding effects on our society, placing us in an existential crisis.

Tom Ryan

Dun Bleisce

Co Limerick


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