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Landlord taxation and low rent supplements must be addressed quickly

Supply is the issue that needs to be addressed if we are to solve the housing crisis. 

The Government needs to start protecting the existing supply of rental accommodation, and then increasing the supply. There needs to be a fundamental overhaul of the tax treatment of the sector. Legitimate expenses need to be allowed as expenses and taxation needs to be calculated on real profit.

The Government squandered the huge surplus of housing by pricing the investor out of the market and allowing NAMA to dispose of vast tracts of properties to vulture funds and investment trusts who do not have to pay tax. Rent supplement should be market-rent. Joan Burton continues to refuse an increase in rent supplement in spite of rent increasing in her own constituency in excess of 10%.

The Minister reduced rent supplement levels when market rents decreased but refuses to vary it now rents have increased.

Environment Minister Kelly refuses to bring back the bed-sit in spite of lack of accommodation causing mass homelessness, these centrally located houses are being turned back into single houses and are being taken out of the private rental market. The tenants of Ireland continue to be the victims of governmental inaction.

Stephen Faugnan

Irish Property Owners’ Association

Ashtown Business Centre

Navan Road

Dublin 15. D15 K6WR


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