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Labour’s stance in opposition

So Fergus Finlay is advocating a yes vote, and I applaud him for so doing, but I cannot help wondering what his stance would be if the Labour Party were in opposition rather than in Government.

He quotes Pat Rabbitte as correctly identifying stability as the key to investment and a Yes vote as being key to that stability. He also manages to include his weekly swipe at Fianna Fáil over the bad deal negotiated with the troika.

I would like to remind Mr Finlay that the late Brian Lenihan also made a plea for support in creating stability when he was faced with a stark economic dilemna, and depending on the twittering Greens for support, but had no choice but to accept the troika deal.

Messrs Gilmore, Burton, Kenny and Noonan, thwarted and frustrated every single proposal and attempt at stabilisation by the then Government, and it should be no surprise to Mr Finlay that Sinn Féin are using the exact same utterly irresponsible tactics.

Joe Kennelly


Co Cork


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