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Katie Taylor won gold ‘through her talent and hard work’

In Michael Moynihan’s Irish Examiner article (Aug 15) what precise point was he trying to prove in his convoluted article re Katie Taylor and the fact that she is not ashamed to have God as an ally in her life and sporting career?

To say the least, it was a most presumptuous article.

It would appear that while the vast majority of people North and South were rejoicing at Katie’s Gold Medal success, Moynihan and some pals (‘more than one person suggested’) were preoccupied with worry “that having God in her life” could prove a barrier “if she wanted to cash in on her success.”

I’m sure Katie doesn’t need any lectures from Moynihan about her future.

The reality is that Katie reached her ultimate goal, through her single mindedness, hard work, talent and skill. Not only did she win a number of world titles, but she was the main crusader in having women’s boxing included as an Olympic sport.

All the while, her Dad was her manager and can be justifiably proud of guiding her to Olympic Gold.

Reference to his accent was in extremely bad taste. We now live in a multicultural society.

What really irked me was Moynihan’s feigned concern “that if Katie wants the big companies to sign her up, she’d want to keep her trap shot”. This preposterous statement should be withdrawn and an apology given to Katie.

His final statement was: “It’ll be interesting to see” going forward “if she starts going backwards with the God talk”. This is yet another biased and patronising utterance and very much at variance with Katie’s innate goodness. Katie, will go forward with the same single-mindedness as won her Olympic Gold. She is an outstanding role model for young people. Her belief in God is her own business and hers alone.

If Michael Moynihan finds God irrelevant in his own life that is his prerogative, but he should not allow it to distort his journalistic endeavours as happened with this ill-conceived article.

Seámus Ó Gríofa

Srathán Na Coille



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