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Just use common sense and stop smoking

A WORRYING statistic announced recently stated that half of unemployed people smoke.

Cigarettes are the last things people should be buying at a time when the amount of disposable income that people have is limited. It astonishes me to hear that so many people in the unemployed sector smoke.

Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, various types of cancer, heart disease, low energy levels, infertility, widespread addiction, indoor and outdoor pollution are just some of the harrowing consequences associated with smoking. Litter is also another issue. Soon, at the rate jobs are being lost, there will be nobody paid to go around picking up cigarette ends which some filthy smokers dump on our streets without care.

Pushing up the price of cigarettes is not the answer to prevent people from smoking. Smokers are just going to smuggle cigarettes from countries where the tobacco prices are lower. People need to have the common sense themselves to stop smoking.

Hugh Duane


Co Cork


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