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It’s time for Cowen’s swansong

BRIAN Cowen is the bad gift that keeps on giving. He is also living proof, if it were needed, that it is indeed the case that those whom the gods would destroy, first they make mad.

I don’t think we can deny any longer that the Taoiseach needs to be called ashore before he drowns us all.

Mr Cowen has been flailing about in a state of virtual shock ever since the fateful night he acted to cover the losses of Anglo Irish Bank, coincidentally covering his failure to regulate that bank in the process.

However, the biggest problem the rest of us have is that Fianna Fáil are the ultimate masters of the Irish art of declaring “why tell the truth when a good lie will do?”

Fianna Fáil’s explanation for the “non- hangover” is that the Taoiseach was “hoarse and nasal”. It seems clear to the dogs in the street that Mr Cowen is “hoarse and nasal” far too often since his fall from grace.

An examination of the lyrics of Cowen’s ‘headline’ performance, The Lakes of Pontchartrain, at the ‘think up more spoofs’ session in Galway is either an attempt to mock the people of Ireland, a clear cry for help, or it shows an astonishing lack of capacity for empathy with the victims of his maladministration.

“I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain.” The song goes on: “At each social gathering, a flowing glass I’ll raise”. Are you having a laugh, Brian?

Declan Doyle




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