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It can be good to admit to making a mistake

I have a terminal condition of which I have been aware for some time. It is hereditary, and therefore outside of my control.

Both of my parents have already succumbed to it, my father at 89, and my mother at just shy of 95. No matter how good I might feel, I know the condition is fatal.

I have probably done well to make it this far as this condition has the propensity to strike from conception onwards, so it might be described as foetal. Neither is it rare, nor is any immunity known to it. In fact it is so universal, it might be considered normal.

Some might even describe the condition as Fatal, Foetal, Normality.

I realise there are many whose situation may be less fortunate than my own, often being described as ‘abnormal’, and whose projected lifespan is much shorter than mine, (although projections are often incorrect).

But I always thought that the more vulnerable would be supported by individuals and bodies who claimed to be advocates of human rights. Nor have I ever felt that life expectancy should in any way be connected to one’s right to life.

Sometimes it can be good to admit to making a mistake, and obviously in my aforementioned expectations, I was entirely wrong.

Rory O’Donovan


N Co Cork


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