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Israel will respond to synagogue attack

Israel prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu will come under intense pressure to react with force to the deaths in the attack on the Agassi Street synagogue.

Since 1948, nearly all Israeli citizens have served as citizen soldiers. However, while they accept that as part of being an Israeli, they will not accept the possibility of being killed as they go to work, school or worship.

This civilian pressure will prompt a renewal of this summer’s action in Gaza, which was called Operation Protective Edge and indicates that Israel believes itself to be under constant threat from Hamas.

Netanyahu has indicated that a resumption of hostilities is probable. The international community should never doubt Israel’s ferocious determination to protect its citizens. So, when hostilities inevitably resume, we, as citizens of countries who go to work, school or places of worship in safety, need to ask ourselves a hard question: if we were under threat from terrorist attack, as the citizens of Israel are constantly, would we not also demand that our government protect us from terrorism? I suspect most of us would answer in the affirmative.

Dr Kevin McCarthy

Seán Hales Terrace


Co Cork


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