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Israel shouldn’t worry if it didn’t commit a crime

In yet another spiteful act, Israel has delayed the transfer of €104m in monthly taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians.

The ‘crime’ of the Palestinians was their application to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). If this application is endorsed, the war-crimes court could prosecute both Israelis and Palestinians.

Israeli spokespersons have constantly accused Hamas and the Palestinian Authority of committing war crimes, while denying that its own forces recently committed such crimes in Gaza. Nevertheless, Israel has continued its land grabs and suppression of the rights of those living in the occupied West Bank.

If Israel has not committed war crimes, what does it have to fear from the Palestinians joining the ICC?

Also, Israel has continually thwarted prominent officials attempting to enter Gaza or the West Bank. This is to ensure such crimes cannot be independently verified.

In addition, important Israeli investigations, stemming from the Gaza War, have been shut down, including investigations of attacks on hospitals, U.N. infrastructure, medical workers and civilians. Such enquiries by Israel can neither be described as thorough nor impartial.

Hopefully, if the Palestinian attempt to join the ICC is successful, then at least the crimes of Israel will be exposed. Maybe the assertion that the Israeli army is “the most moral army in the world” is in danger of being exposed as untrue.

Gerald Brady

Marwood Avenue




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