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Is there any democratic accountability left?

As one involved in campaigning on right to life issues for over 30 years, I am appalled at the stance of many individuals in Leinster House on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.

Some even go so far as to call it a ‘pro-life’ bill.

If they understand the significance of the bill and are honest in expressing their opinions, they would certainly not say that. There is a good reason why all governments since 1992 decided not to legislate on the flawed X case judgement, because, if enacted into law it can, in time, lead to wide-ranging abortion. This bill allows a perfectly healthy baby, in the womb of a physically healthy mother, to be aborted in circumstances where there is no reliable scientific or moral justification for so doing.

Pro-abortion elements are delighted, seeing such a law as capable of further development along the lines they wish. The people in 1983 voted for an equal right to life of mother and unborn baby. The politicians are subverting this and even hope to get it passed without a vote.

Is there any sense of democratic accountability left?

Des Hanafin


Co Tipperary


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