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Irish Water has sounded the deathknell of party politics

How naive we were to believe that this Coalition would right the wrongs of a party which must go down in Irish political history as the most reckless and damaging party to govern on this island.

 How naive we were to believe that the traditional party of the peoplewould cut its roots and become an oxymoron, a right wing Labour Party. Despite some apparent gains while 'juggling the books' we might just as well have a Thatcherite government perfecting the art of kow-towing to and courting the power brokers while treating the people with dictatorial disdain.

 It is abhorrent in the extreme to think that a small manageable country like ours would even contemplate selling our basic life-sustaining resource to global interests whose only reason for being is excessive profits for their shareholders.

The 'little dictator' has all but ensured the halving of Fine Gael seats in the next parliament and if the Labour Party fail to ensure the people's right to a referendum on the nation's ownership of Irish Water then they will surely join the Greens in oblivion.

Party politics has failed the people for decades and it is high time for a new form of governance worthy of the third millennium. We need a form of governance which would strike the right balance between public and private and have the common good and wellbeing as their only objective.

We could start by asking  each university in the land to formulate their ideal democratic government worthy of the 21st Century; this might kickstart a national debate.

Joe Brennan

Ballincurrig Rd


Co. Cork


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