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Irish drinkers in Australia spoiling image

Alcohol is a central theme of Irish culture and this has been borne out recently for all the wrong reasons in Perth in Australia.

These accounts are disgraceful and show up a degenerative way of life that is getting many people in trouble with the law.

Recurring accounts coming from Australia of wild behaviour reveal an emigrant and travel generation who are more interested in the drink than finding work and beginning a new life.

Evidence is now emerging of a developing resentment by Australians towards the Irish because of nefarious behavioural patterns through the catalyst of alcohol.

However, what is also clear is that the Australian authorities are not going to have any of it and are prepared to revoke visas.

These unruly Irish are giving everybody a bad name by their disgraceful activity and by all means they should lose their visas and be sent packing back to Ireland to the local watering hole.

Maurice Fitzgerald


Co Cork


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