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Ireland must refuse ‘yoke’

There’s something sick about any Irish Government going to Europe to plead and bargain, just to get a little bit of a delay in the payment of a just a portion of what the Irish people are being forced to pay of other people’s losses and still other people’s debts.

When the slaves of Haiti revolted in the only successful slave revolt in history, and defeated their former slave masters, their new country was immediately forced to pay for the loss of property incurred by those slave masters. The ‘property’ being, of course the Haitians themselves. They were forced to pay for the removal of the yoke. Even before the recent earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in its hemisphere, because of this slavery and extortion.

In the current European talks, it is planned that the people of Ireland will be made to pay, yet again, for the removal of just a tiny bit of a very large yoke which is not ours to bear in the first place – the gambling debts of the banks, which are the gambling losses of the bondholders. What will this enslavement to others’ debts and others’ losses mean for our future? There is no alternative but to refuse this yoke.

Paul Farrell


Co Kildare


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