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ID cards an affront to our personal liberty

ALTHOUGH upon the surface it seems quite in order to require claimants to produce ID when collecting welfare payments there may well be other and slightly more sinister reasons for this.

Ireland is one of the few countries in the EU not to have ID cards. The place runs perfectly well without them and there is no reason for their introduction. This of course is an absolute anathema to the Eurocrats of Brussels. It is fairly certain that Dublin is coming under pressure from both these sources to think about implementing some sort of central database of its citizenry, yet no justifiable excuse can be conjured up at present to impose one.

Let’s not be complacent, ID cards are an affront to liberty and the freedom of the individual to operate with minimal interference from the state. They are also expensive and in no way guarantee a persons identity.

Ireland simply cannot afford ID cards or the fraudulent abuse of the massive databases which go with them.

Justin Roberts


Co Tipperary


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