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High political standards — too much to ask?

What a brilliant, concise and accurate description your reader Desmond Fitzgerald (Letters, Nov 1) gave of the negative legacy of past Fianna Fáil governments and of Charles Haughey in particular in his letter “O’Rourke’s concern is misplaced” re the upcoming TV drama on Mr Haughey’s life.

The ugly influence of Charles Haughey and the cronyism of the Fianna Fáil party permeated the leadership of many government departments and public bodies during his reign, and unfortunately this legacy continues to this day.

The past government was guilty of economic treason. No sooner have the wild horses of the Irish economy been brought under some control by various coalition governments then Fianna Fáil arrive, post painful struggle, to take the reins once more. The electoral success is achieved with short term populist policies which run the country into the ground again. The concepts of vision, long term planning, sustainability, civic responsibility, social equality etc do not exist in the party’s vocabulary. Let’s grow up and work towards leaving a legacy of the highest political standards to future generations.

I sincerely hope the programme makers of this TV drama have had the courage to portray honestly the destructive legacy of this disgraced Taoiseach, Charles Haughey, a man once described as “a cancer in the body politic”.

Anna Uí Chaoimh
Baile na Manach
Co Corcaigh


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