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Here’s my annual report, Enda

I would like to congratulate the Taoiseach on reaching his first year in office.

I read with interest the annual report on the Programme for Government this week. Perhaps the Taoiseach would humour me for a moment and have a read of my annual report. This time last year I had a home in Priory Hall. Granted, it turned out to be a home that myself, my husband, my one-year-old child and neighbours could have been killed in at any time due to the serious fire risks (not to mention the health and safety risks that have come to light since we were evacuated by order of the High Court 145 days ago, and counting), but it was still our home that we saved hard for, spent a lot of money to make our own and had many happy memories in the four years that we lived there.

This time last year I knew (or thought I knew) where I would be living and felt I could plan for a future. These days I see the lovely spring weather arrive and have no idea where I will be living in the summer. I still have not totally unpacked in my temporary accommodation as I don’t know when we will be on the move again. My son’s bedroom in Priory Hall was painted a lovely sunny colour with everything a one-year-old should have in their room. We cannot do anything to decorate his room now as this is not our home and never will be.

This time last year, I didn’t have to fight tooth and nail with my bank every three months to extend a moratorium on my mortgage, all the while the interest is being added on, which means if, and when, my home is ever safe to live in again I will be paying a much higher mortgage for something that is effectively worth less than the paper his election promises were written on. This time last year I believed that if you worked hard, paid your taxes and obeyed the law, then you were doing the right thing. My faith in this has been completely destroyed. & We are sick of hearing whining complaints that Priory Hall is a mess they inherited, that argument is long over, the time has come for the government to stop bleating sympathy and start engaging with us for solutions to end our nightmare. The Taoiseach says discussions are ongoing in relation to Priory Hall. What kind of discussions? The very least the Minister for Finance can do is instruct all banks with mortgages in Priory Hall to freeze them until some solution is reached to stop interest being added on to already high payments. We stand outside the Dáil every Tuesday lunchtime since last October and we will continue to do so until our plight is addressed. This time last year I had hope for mine and my family’s future. Can the Taoiseach tell me what hope I have now, 145 days out of my home, with not one brick even touched in Priory Hall since last November? DCC says they don’t have the estimated €7.3m required to carry out the repair works. &

I hope the Taoiseach and his ministers enjoy their trips away as part of St Patrick’s Day. This time last year I could plan for a trip away with my family. This year we can have no such plans as we know we will need every penny we earn over the next months to either pay a mortgage on a home that’s not safe to live in, or pay rent to keep a roof over our heads. I would ask the Taoiseach to please stop ignoring the residents of Priory Hall and begin dialogue with our residents’ committee to find a solution to our nightmare.

Alison Doyle

Priory Hall

Hole in the Wall Road

Dublin 13


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