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Held to account

THERE has been a furore in the media of late, and rightly, about the use of €2.5 million in the HSE accounts.

In contrast, it seems €22bn of taxpayers’ money will be pumped ultimately into Anglo Irish Bank and nobody I talk to knows to what use? Considering there are five separate investigations going on about the unaccounted-for €2.5m of HSE funds, the Anglo €22bn then must warrant 44,000 separate investigations.

Also, for every minute on the airwaves and every column inch in the newspapers the former gets, I would expect the latter to get 146.67 hours, ie, more than six days of constant coverage on radio and TV, and 8,800 column inches in the newspapers. But this hasn’t happened. Why not?

Anne Finn

Red Barns Road


Co Louth


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