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Healy Rae confronting climate-change hysteria

Danny Healy Rae is the first politician to publicly challenge the hysteria surrounding climate change.

Many ordinary folk that I meet agree with him, that climate is a cycle. Temperature records from Valentia Island, the most reliable record we have, and from the Atlantic, do not support the established climate-change view.

We had warming up till 1900, cooling till 1920, warming till 1949, cooling till 1986, and then warming again, till 2010, while CO2 emissions continued to rise throughout this period.

Most of the temperature stations in Ireland show cooling in 2016, when compared to the long-term record. There is no evidence in Ireland of global warming. The definition of hysteria is “exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement”. The current crop of politicians, and the green movement, are suffering from hysteria.

When in this state, the sufferer tends to ignore facts, like temperature records.

Owen Martin




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