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Head shops should get the chop immediately

I FEEL bad for thalidomide victims. The government at the time should have been held responsible.

Will the current Government, in 10, 20 or even 50 years, be held responsible for so-called drugs sold in the head shops?

The Government says it has to have a study, get legal opinion, write a green paper, a blue paper, a red paper and a white paper on this and that.

Well, it’s time for the Government to close down the head shops before we have deformed babies, psychosomatic problems and death.

It should be the head shops that have to prove what they sell is not dangerous, whether used for human consumption or not.

They are called head shops for one reason ... they sell chemicals to get inside your head and unless the Government deals quickly with this, a whole generation will be out of their heads.

Kevin Devitte

Mill Street


Co Mayo


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