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Hamas ‘not a humanitarian NGO’

It is incredible that Jim Roche (Letters, July 15) of the so-called Irish Anti-War Movement actually defends Hamas, saying its purpose is to "defend the people of Gaza" and that it formed a "peaceful unity pact" recently with the Palestinian Authority.

One would think that he was describing some kind of humanitarian NGO!

The brutal facts are this: Hamas is a fanatic, Islamist terrorist organisation, recognised internationally, including by the European Union, to be a criminal organisation; it has ruled Gaza since 2007 with an iron hand, suppressing, torturing and murdering all opposition; and it has implemented a mediaeval-style regime which has turned Palestinian women into second-class citizens and makes life impossible for homosexuals.

Not to mention the fact that it has bombed Israel with over 10,000 rockets over the past decade or so.

Mr Roche says not a word about any of this, but that is typical of the hypocrisy of the so-called ‘anti-war movement’ which in fact is only an anti-American and anti-Israel mouthpiece.

Israel is a democracy, the only one in a chaotic and tyrannical region, and it has an obligation to defend itself against an organisation that is daily bombing its people and officially aspires to destroy Israel itself.

It is only because Israel has an excellent air defence and early warning system that so far has prevented Israeli fatalities.

By contrast, Hamas deliberately exposes Palestinian people by placing its military infrastructure in the midst of civilians and even preventing people from fleeing combat zones.

Those like Mr Roche who don’t care about Israel and Israeli lives but who ostensibly care for the welfare of Palestinians should at least condemn Hamas for its irresponsible behaviour, but such people are so bigoted in their hatred of Israel that they will sympathise with anyone or anything that attacks it.

Dr Derek O’Flynn

Press Officer

Embassy of Israel

Dublin 4


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