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Grasping Government wants 2014 property tax in 2013

In matters of tribulation, a point is reached when enough really is enough.

With the latest announcement by Revenue, in relation to the payment of the controversial property tax, I have reached this point, and their actions have shown, clearly, that this Government’s brass neck has neither dulled nor softened.

Revenue’s statement that those opting to pay this tax, in respect of the year 2014, by either cheque or debit card, can expect to have the monies deducted instantly after a Nov 27 deadline left even a hardened cynic like me aghast.

Not alone have they committed robbery upon the property-owning populace — who will receive nothing in return for this cash-grab — but they have the gall to demand the money be given to them ahead of the year concerned.

But, please remember, none of this is their fault.

It’s those nasty banks, yet again. Revenue’s website has the temerity to blame the instant deductions of monies, five weeks ahead of the year of the tax itself, on “the nature of the banking and credit-card systems”.

Obviously, the simple expedient of allotting a deadline in January or February of 2014 escaped them.

Never mind that this course of action will be monumentally unpopular and massively unfair (the Government has long since abandoned any considerations with regard to these matters), but have they even half-considered the gross economic stupidity of sucking millions of euro out of a half-dead economy in the run-up to Christmas, precisely that time of year when the hard-pressed citizen may be prepared to part with at least some of their dwindling cash?

JD Mangan


Co Dublin


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