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Government’s godless, secularist agenda

What is your opinion on the artificial manufacture of human beings through in-vitro insemination, ‘sperm-bank fathers’ and surrogate mothers, and other embryo experiment practices, to name some of these abominations?

Do you believe that because you can do it, you should do it, even if it is against all decency, sanity, ethics and the laws of nature and God, our creator?

Do you imagine that those in the Dail and Seanad who voted for the extermination of an unborn child up to birth, if his/her mother claimed she would commit suicide, will not have to answer to God after death?

Your only hope is to rescind and row back on all of these terrible innovations.

The latest report that 300 children contacted Childline last year, with the intention of committing suicide, points to the insanity of the present Government and its godless secularist agendas.

One Polish man said recently that Ireland is ‘like we were under the communists’.

Frank O’Meara

Cora Chuain,



Co. Cork


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