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Government promised much but let us down

When our recession was at its peak we heard that the quangos would be cut when the new government were elected, that the number of advisers to Government would be reduced and that no salaries over €100,000 would be paid.

Now we have more quangos than ever and the €100,000 ceiling has been burst open. We also have the most disastrous quango of all time, ‘Irish Water’. It would appear one of the earliest decisions they made after taking office was to decide how much in bonuses would they pay themselves.

Our Government have been burying their heads in the sand all along in their reaction to water charges and now it is panic stations. Their water charge campaign appears to be made up as they go along. We are a great little country but, alas, we have too many fat cats with everything available – at a price.

Tony Fagan

Bellefield Road


Co Wexford.


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