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Government can’t be trusted when it comes to Irish Water controversy

This government’s behaviour for the past four years is the antithesis of Robin Hood being “rob the poor, middle, elderly and sick to pay the rich” Rates on houses and water tax are totally regressive and unjust because they bear no relationship to people’s ability to pay.

Rates were re-introduced on people’s houses. They claim there is high compliance for this unjust regressive tax. This is only because this cruel government gave themselves the unprecedented right to take this tax out of people’s pockets via their bank account, wages, or social welfare payments. I contend that this has created a sullen acquiescence amongst people rather than willing compliance. There have been nasty regressive sneak taxes slipped in, such as 23% Vat on panic buttons for the elderly, the sick and disabled, €30 per year on everybody’s electricity bill, extra tax on a bag of coal, etc.

Water tax is simply another regressive tax too far. Nobody believes the patronising silly advertising from Irish Water. They will never have customers. At best they will have unwilling captives in a State-sponsored monopoly. As a potential customer I would much prefer to deal with my local council than a faceless bureaucracy.

Irish Water is simply overpaid, overmanned and over arrogant. I say abolish this monstrosity. Get rid of this tax. I do not trust the Government when they say they may look at introducing legislation to prevent Irish Water being privatised. Legislation can easily be rescinded in the future.

Eddy Neville


West Cratloe

Co Clare


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