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Glamorising of brutal crimes on TV and in films an insult to society

In relation to the depiction of violence, there are two ways in which it can be shown. it can be shown dispassionately or it can be glamorised and that is the nub of the problem.

There is no reason violence or violent sex crimes or serious crimes against human beings and animals should be glamorised.

The censor has, in the past, generally been able to deal with situations as they arose. We will have to leave it to the discretion of the censor to look after our interests within reason.

There will be occasions where people will say afterwards that something more or less should have been done. That will always be the case. But, generally speaking, we will have to leave it to the censors to make up their minds and I think they will have due regard to the general good.

We are all very preoccupied with protecting the very young but in my view they are very often able to make up their own minds and will not get involved in anything of an undesirable nature. Many groups will readily admit that they are easily conditioned to respond in a certain fashion having been exposed to the glamorisation of crimes of extreme violence.

I am referring to all types of violence, against humans, animals and society. I do not see any reason why society would be subjected to such material. If one looks at a film on television, in 99% of cases, unless there is no time for the credits to role, there is an indication as to what studio the film was made in, by whom who participated, etc.

I am not surprised that the participants in some of the films I have referred to are not too anxious to have their names roll out, but such a procedure would help to stamp out the making of undesirable video material. I am not talking of not allowing a licence to issue unless the credits are there for all and sundry to see so that action can be taken if necessary.

I do not see any reason why society should be subjected to such material which does not serve any useful purpose and is not entertaining. Some people describe such material as art but I do not accept that the depiction of violence is artistic.

If we allow such films to be circulated freely on the basis that they are artistic or are entertaining we will be criticised by the population. Low standards can lead to a further lowering of standards and there is evidence of that in many publications on sale here. it must be acknowledged that modern technology constitutes a double-edged sword carrying great benefits but great dangers also. Take care!

Cllr Noel Collins

“St Jude’s”


Co Cork


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