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Foreign aid should be stopped immediately

When is all foreign aid going to be cut off completely by stupid Irish governments, who like to pretend we’re self-sacrificing and holier than the Pope?

There is terrible economic need in this wretched place where bankers rule, and to continue pouring taxpayers’ money all over the world, to where willing despots and thieves are profuse in their gratitude, is disgusting.

What matters to Irish politicians, who wallow in huge pensions already given, while the current crop of wasters await their own big pay-outs, is self interest, with family interest a close second.

The rhetoric that there are nations worse off than Ireland cuts no ice, and not a cent more should be sent to what is laughingly called the Third World. Why not a referendum on whether we should continue to impoverish Ireland by lashing out €700m per year in foreign aid, or to use this huge amount to alleviate poverty at home?

Guess what the result would be.

Irish citizens are suffering appalling financial meltdown, with suicide, marriage breakup, eviction and general fear — the lot of the Irish today. Do something about this.

Robert Sullivan


Co Cork


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