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FF TDs should be sent to hospitals and ports

I AGREE with Environment Minister John Gormley that there should be a national unity government, established in the immediate aftermath of a general election.

The current Dáil does not represent the will of the Irish people and was in fact elected on the basis of falsehoods. Only when the Irish people have a parliament that not only captures the current sense of outrage, but also shows a mature realisation of the position we are in, will there be any support from an endlessly tolerant population for the hard road ahead.

The new government should get on with the business of building a new nation with some key principles at its core. I propose that it shows an absolute intolerance of lies about the terrible pass we have been brought to.

The rump of the Fianna Fáil party, if any of their TDs are re-elected to the new national government, should be placed on permanent duty in each of our major hospitals and ports of embarkation. These TDs should get the job of explaining to dying patients why they have to suffer the indignity of sitting on trolleys in hospital corridors. They can also tell cystic fibrosis patients (Irish Examiner, October 7), and all other vulnerable patients, why they have to pay the price for the excesses and maladministration of the previous government.

The Fianna Fáil TDs based at the ports could explain to young Irish people why they have to make a life abroad.

Those based at the hospitals and ports should ask themselves if the last conversation that dying or emigrating Irish citizens will have with a public official should be one based on lies, denial and waffle.

Or if that conversation will be based on finally having a little humility and dignity in the presence of the most devastated and most innocent victims of the culture of endemic corruption that has dominated Irish society for far too long.

John Gormley needn’t worry about the new national government. Neither he nor his Green party will be a part of it.

Declan Doyle




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