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European Union and United Nations have a moral duty to act

If, as is suggested, €10,000 is being paid per refugee to get to Europe, a boat overloaded with 600 people, could provide criminal gangs with €6,000,000.

Organised gangs could put on several of these ghastly boats every week, yet the penalties are less than for trafficking drugs. As a priority, this organised crime needs addressing on a global stage.

The causes of such migration also need addressing. They can’t be ignored any longer if this exodus is to be addressed.

It is a bit much to see leaders of developed states holding forth about erecting would-be impregnable barriers when thin, exhausted migrants from such states, approach their borders.

We have to address the collapse of the states from which the migrants are leaving.

We, who can, are under an obligation to have concern for fellow humans suffering in such an awful way.

The European Union must also stop avoiding a policy on refugees.

Aside from the Syrian war, the collapse of Libya and the Eritrean dictatorship, what can be done about global corporations purchasing tracts of land across states, leading to evictions and food shortages, all of these are leading to migration?

There needs to be a united response and any such policy should have its basis in the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and be in keeping with human rights conventions.

There is an unchristian ugliness to the epithet “Fortified Christian Europe” .

It was coined in frustration when a representative of Turkey set out that his country is now host to over a million Syrians and about a million refugees from Iraq and that in recent times Turkey has laid out up to €6 billion in support for refugees in that state.

We may criticise modern Turkey insofar as their failure to acknowledgement the genocide in 1915 of 1.5 million Ottoman Armenians by the dwindling Ottoman empire.

However, we must not deny contemporary Turkey’s role in giving refuge to desperate people running out of conflict zones.

Also, in 1492 the Ottomans gave refuge to Jews, Muslims and Muslim to Christian converts expelled by the then kingdom of Spain.

Tom Ryan

2 The Forts

Dún Bleisce (Doon)

Co Limerick


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