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Enda Kenny ought to get his geography right

As Rory O’Callaghan stated (Irish Examiner, Letters, September 22), the state ceremonies for 1916 patriot Thomas Kent were very well planned and carried out.

However the Taoiseach’s oration was puzzling, especially his statement that “Ireland is free”. When did Ireland become the 26 county state? Thomas Kent would not recognise this strange geographical entity, and I am sure it must be hurtful to say the least to the residents of Tír Eoghan, Fear Manach, Gleannta Aontroma, and all other historical parts of the North.

A better tribute to Thomas Kent would have been

to state that we will all strive to achieve his aims, which were a 32-county free democratic republic, where the Irish language would be given its rightful place and where the poor and landless would be given justice.

To quote a recent article by Gabriel Doherty of UCC (Irish Examiner, September 14), referring to the Kent family: ..”they threw down the gaultlet of principle not just, or even primarily, at the feet of the Crown forces who opposed them that day, but more pointedly to the generations of their fellow countrymen and women who would follow them, down to the current time”.

He continues: “We are separated from them by a chasm of altered sensibilities, between the two sides of which History can fashion but a makeshift bridge. It is a matter for personal reflection

on which side of that bridge the more inspirational, the more admirable, the more socially useful qualities are to be found”.

Proinsias Ní Mhurchú

Ionad Buail Isteach na Gaeilge

f/ch 43 Sr an Mhóta Uacht



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