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Electorate will lose out in political party games

It is now more than a month-and-a-half since the General Election and there is still no sign of a government being formed.

Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin are in discussions with a number of independent TDs of diverse political opinions. This is a game being played by both political leaders. They are going through the motions of forming a government and no doubt promising Ministerial posts to all concerned.

But it is a sham,what will happen is that FF and FG will eventually form a two party coalition and the independent TDs will be left out in the cold.

Be warned; we are facing a government of two conservative right wing parties and five more years of austerity. Any taxes, water charges, USC changes, etc, will not be used for the public good but handed over to the European Banks and bondholders as per the norm.

We will only have ourselves to blame for this.

Mike Mahon

45 Kilvere Pk


Dublin 6w


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