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Economic migrants are taking the place of those fleeing oppression

Whilst most of our media is firmly on message about our migrant crisis, I, like the majority of ordinary punters I suggest, remain unconvinced of the merits of taking in any more than the government has suggested.

Firstly, whilst the US and its collaborative allies, France, Germany and Britain mainly, contrived to blast Libya back to the Stone Age, where was the outcry?

If it was left to Gaddafi to sort out, the pain and loss of life would have been much less than the lingering state of war at present. The same applies to Syria, when the US and Gulf states backed Sunni extremists to topple Assad to fit with their view of how the Middle East should be arranged.

Where were Fergus Finlay and crew then? Why were they not screaming from the pages about the inherent stupidity of these short-sighted actions?

Why are they not crying halt to the Saudi slaughter going on in Yemen that is causing such horrendous loss of life?

Secondly, Ireland has not had much transparency when dealing with asylum seekers. We were told to suck it up and embrace diversity, even though we all knew the asylum process was dominated by economic migrants who invariably are given leave to remain.

The startling dishonesty of Mr Finlay when discussing those left in limbo in direct provision never points out that the reason they are so long in limbo is that they are found to have no genuine claim to asylum and so keep appealing.

Why are he and all the other commentators afraid of even mentioning that elephant in the room?

If we hadn’t taken so many bogus asylum seekers in over the past 15 or so years, maybe there would be more compassion and, dare I say, resources available to help.

We can start by doing two things:

1: Process quickly all existing asylum seekers, and remove the endless appeals and deport those quickly that are merely economic migrants. This would free up space for genuine asylum seekers from Syria and other conflict area.

2: Have an opt-in additional income tax option so those that feel so sanctimonious can put their money where their mouth is; it might even give us a break from their preaching.

Cormac Cahill

Limetrees Road

Maryborough Estate




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