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Dogmatic outlook

CONTRARY to Philip O’Neill’s contention, (Letters, September 28), Jennifer Sleeman’s call for a boycott of the mass required no courage for the obvious reason there was no danger involved.

For Mr O’Neill to go on and draw analogies between the church’s teaching regarding women priests and the abolition of slavery and gaining the vote is beyond ridiculous, and merely demonstrates his complete lack of awareness of the church’s understanding of the divine nature of the eucharist.

Mr O’Neill goes on to make the false argument that “dogmatic certainty” is the greatest evil of our time. Surely it depends on what those certainties are – or are not.

I am quite dogmatically certain that murder, rape and child abuse are wrong. So no, Mr O’Neill, dogmatic certainties on their own did not lead to Nazi Germany and Stalin’s regime.

In fact, it should reassure Mr O’Neill that the church is quite dogmatically certain that these regimes were monstrously evil.

James McGrath



Co Tipperary


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