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Do not avert your eyes from truth

There is much to agree with in columnist Gerard Howlin’s (Opinion, Jul 24) plea for goodwill.

He is right to question a liberal rhetoric that is set on imposing its “hegemonic” will.

Political power has been wielded without mandate by pushing through done deals; a process covered by the mantle of consultative committees whose warnings were ignored, and a process unquestioned by a liberal media happy to see ‘progress’ on social issues such as abortion, euthanasia, gay rights, etc.

It is a sad scenario that fans a deep anger. Fifty thousand people took to the streets to protest. Power-wielders in government and journalism took not a whit of notice.

Mr Howlin calls anger unintelligent emotion. I say righteous anger drives all before it ‘out of the temple’. Would that righteous anger had driven out the half-truths, the self-serving mantras, the selective interpretations, the lies that insulted the intelligence of the people; all delivered by a Government unchallenged by a deeply compromised media.

It is this stonewalling of Government, unwilling to answer scientific and professional objections, that drew from senators the uncompromising language of protest. Dare I say it, if they did not protest, the very stones on the road would cry out.

Manipulation and misuse of language has been at the heart of governmental and journalistic agendas. I can give two examples of the same tendency, as in Mr Howlin’s article. “Horrifying deeds are symptoms …..” he says. Sorry, horrifying deeds are horrifying deeds.

Again, he says “abortion is not ultimately about the act itself”. Sorry, abortion is essentially about the act itself.

Is this not why public representatives and media people ought to see abortion at first hand?!

And if they are not prepared to do so, let them not feign offence when a righteous anger insists that they are made aware of what they are about.

At the risk of appalling tender-minded liberals, I will relate a happening that speaks for itself.

At the end of World War II, the victorious US forces in Germany marched into the death camps the citizens of nearby villages and towns, to witness the dreadful Holocaust so that they would understand.

The simple message is that there is no excuse for ignoring the affront that abortion is to a civilised humanity.

The bearers of power and influence — never mind those contiguous thereto — should not be allowed to insulate themselves from the actuality of their decisions. Were they so to see, they might realise that there has to be a better way.

“The closing down of who can speak and the censoring of what may be said is the great Irish object”. So Mr Howlin concludes.

I trust this will not happen to this topic.

J O’Donoghue
Co Kerry


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