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Dear Sir....Readers' views (02/6/2016)

Your letters, your views.

Hocus Politicus

News that Keith Barry trained politician’s before the election in “conversational hypnosis”, explains perfectly why every time I see a politician speak on television I immediately begin to feel sleepy.

And wake up feeling hypnotised.

“You are getting very, very sleepy... your eyelids are getting heavy... so heavy that you cannot hold them up. You love Irish Water...” Blimey! It’s working.

Anthony Woods
5,Marian Avenue
Co Clare

Long may Higgins highlight injustices

The position of President of Ireland is supposed to be non-political. But Michael D Higgins has had the courage and conviction to speak out on matters of national importance and for this he is to be congratulated.

Our dysfunctional provisional Government have generally ignored the express wishes of the electorate.

I watched the 1916 commemorative ceremonies and was struck by the silence of the large crowd as numerous politicians arrived in their state cars at the GPO.

In complete contrast when President O’Higgins motorcade swept down O’Connell Street he was greeted by a resounding round of applause. He is obviously held in very high esteem by the majotity of Irish people.

May he long continue to speak out on the many injustices in our society.

Mike Mahon
45 Kilvere pk
Dublin 6W


Catholic nurses for 8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment is Ireland’s life equality provision which protects the lives of mothers and babies in pregnancy. The Catholic Nurses Guild of Ireland resolved unanimously at it’s annual general meeting on May 19th 2016 to support the retention of the 8th Amendment.

The ethical guidelines of the Catholic Nurses Guild of Ireland (8) states, “As healthcare professionals we recognise and commit ourselves to the respect due to the dignity and intrinsic worth of every human being from conception to death”. It follows, therefore, that any law which might require the intentional termination of human life either before or after birth even if legal, would not be in accord with the ethical practice of medicine...

We appeal to our nursing and midwifery colleagues and all healthcare professionals to support the retention of the 8th Amendment in order to ensure the highest standard of care for mothers and babies in Ireland.

Sr. Bridge Commins,
President, Catholic Nurses Guild of Ireland
29 Green Road, Mullingar
Co Westmeath


Expanding Sean-ad

Great to know that this government is finally doing the very best it can for the elderly, a few of the chosen ones anyway. I heard that the Taoiseach is thinking of putting even more people into the Senate.

Richard Barton
Co Wicklow

I hope you got paid for Hamill Tayto ad

That was a nice advertisement for Tayto on the front page of today’s Irish Examiner (26 May’16). Mark Hamill would have been paid a few bob to promote this product via his Twitter account. I just hope you guys in the Irish Examiner had the good sense to secure for a few bob before you did.

John Devlin
4 Erne Terrace
Dublin 2


RTÉ shamefully hijacked Eurovision

IT must now be obvious , that RTÉ should not have been given the choice to pick a Eurovision song, within the confines of RTÉ, and this competition must be taken out of RTÉ, and placed under a national committee, chosen from the four provinces, this would ensure that all Ireland was involved, the outcome would be chosen by a national committee, from the four provinces.

The time has come for all Ireland to participate in this contest, and create an interest within the whole country. It is disgraceful that RTÉ were allowed to hijack this contest for their insular pleasure, and to undermine the inclusion of all Ireland in its search for a song, this would also energise local areas, and give them an incentive to advertise their local attractions.

It is imperative that this is adopted, and initiated for the benefit of all Ireland.

Liam O’Conaire
Co Limerick

Is 2016 the year of underdog sporting champions?

A few weeks ago Leicester City defied the odds and won the English Premiership, their first ever top-level football championship, after being in existence for 132 years.

Last Saturday Connacht pulled off an equally admirable feat, beating Leinster in the Guinness Pro 12 Final in Edinburgh, their first major trophy in their 121-year history.

Could this be Mayo’s year for Sam, having not won it since 1951? Or how about Roscommon who had a very good run in the football league? They are waiting for an All Ireland since 1944.

While we are at it, it must be the Republic of Ireland to win the European Championship!

Tommy Roddy
78 Lower Salthill

Sold out by leaders

Last week, having told us we should all “move on” in relation to the bank bailout — Mr Noonan now seems to be telling us that “vulture funds” are “good” for the country.

James Connolly must be turning in his grave — having given his life for this country and now politicians “sell out” the working class.

Shame on you Minister.

Michael A Moriarty

Trump lunacy

It’s December 2016 and America is waking up to the fact that Hilary Clinton is to be the next president.

Is it then that all those Republicans who currently support Trump, wake up and quietly mutter, “What were we thinking? We had a chance to beat Clinton with Cruz or Rubio, but we chose Trump.

Yes, what were you thinking?”

Damien Carroll
Dublin 24

Water is not a commodity

Who should be on the Water Commission? Experts, politicians, the public,environmentalists or combination of the above. Experts from the water industry, like Viola,or Bethel,whose view it is to control, own, or privatise our water? Experts should be truly independent, and experts on all aspects of water management.

Politicians who be looking to see how many votes be in it for themselves or their party?

The public, (who protested against water meters, smart meters,water charges, and those who wanted water meters,smart meters and water charges ) who use water every day, for drinking, washing, cooking, and water related activities, who will be effected by what ever decisions are made by the Water Commission.

Environmentalists, who can give views on how water can affect our environment, like water extraction, waste water, reservoirs, dams, and the smart meters being installed.

Water is common good — water is not for profit — Water is not a commodity.

Brian Gould
Gurranabraher Meter Watch
14 Barry’s Place
Cathedral Road


We need to speak up for voiceless

Our proud tradition as a nation which speaks up for the voiceless is being undermined by the failure to speak up and demand a humanitarian response to the continuing crisis on Europe’s shores (700 drown in attempt to reach Europe, Irish Examiner, 30th May).

Ireland was once the country which people under threat of starvation, torture and war could count on for solidarity.

When others turned away we offered shelter in the Bosnian conflict, brought the plight of Somalia to the floor of the UN and stood firm against apartheid.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said in terms of the current crisis.

Ireland must refocus the European and global debate away from bogus arguments and back onto the needs of men, women and children fleeing barrel bombs, chemical attacks and executions.

We must speak up and demand safe legal channels to Europe with every country doing its bit and offering people a genuine chance to restart their lives. Our silence coupled with the continuing unacceptable delay in honouring our own promise to shelter 4,000 people are difficult to understand — in particular in light of the widespread public calls for action just 6 months ago.

It is time for Ireland to rediscover its humanitarian voice and show the most vulnerable people on earth that they are not forgotten.

Brian Killoran
Chief executive, Immigrant Council of Ireland
2 Andrew St
Dublin 2


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