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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (17/09/16)

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Possibility of Trump winning should terrify everyone

The very real scenario where Hillary Clinton’s health issues forces her to drop out of the presidential race forces us to confront the appalling vista of a Donald Trump triumph this November (Irish Examiner, 13 September). For make no mistake, if Clinton was forced to quit, it would give Trump an almost unstoppable momentum that even the most serious Democratic replacement would find difficult to countenance.

This is reinforced by the attempted softening of Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric over the last number of weeks where his campaign team has been engaged in a persuasive and determined effort to delineate the outrageous Islamophobia, homophobia and casual patronising anti-Semitism from Trump’s aggressive and personalised public discourse.

Despite Trump’s faux concern for Clinton’s health yesterday, despite his recent obfuscation on ‘the wall’ between America and Mexico and immigration, he remains committed to fostering an American ethos of isolation which abandons the principle of solidarity with western counterparts.

In this endeavour, Trump has tapped into the always-present undercurrent of American racism, which has infected every strata of society despite having an African-American president. These individuals, are for the most part, are disillusioned and disenfranchised malcontents who until very recently had little or no direct connection with the wonderful aspirations of the American Constitution.

This cohort, is in many respects, the mirror image of the easily manipulated foot-soldiers the jihadists find so easy to mobilise. They are oftentimes unemployed, undereducated and alienated from society, and Trump has exploited this disaffection to maximum effect as the hate-filled atmosphere at his rallies shows.

This has nothing to do with Obama’s policy in the Middle East, it has nothing to do with the millions of well educated and politically sophisticated young Americans that travel the globe annually, it has everything to do with the inability of these individuals to access the upward mobility of their more successful peers. Trump’s sole political talent is an ability to inflame the resentment of this cohort, and, if Clinton is forced to abandon the presidential race, the truly appalling vista of President Trump should concern even the most disinterested of observers.

Kevin McCarthy

Co Cork

Remakes won’t match originals

A new Ben Hur, a new Magnificent Seven - what’s going on? Surely film makers should leave wonderful movie classics like these alone?

Here’s an idea for multi-cinema owners - show the new version in one cinema and the original classic in another.

From my memory of seeing these two particular classic movies on the big screen many years ago, I have a fair idea which would win out.

Some wonderful achievements in life are best left alone. End of story.

Brian McDevitt


Enda finds his mojo

Fantastic! News. Enda Kenny has found his Mojo. Mother of Joseph that’s great! He dug deep into his compassionate soul. And the great Apple Spirit helped him regain it. So Mojo translates into More Joy for mankind. Don’t you just love a happy Enda – Ing?

Anthony Woods

Marian Avenue
Co, Clare

Politicians show guts when it’s not needed

it really gets under my skin to hear the party leaders of the right, Enda Kenny, Micheál Martin and the remaining remnants of the Labour Party, adopt an astonishingly contemptuous attitude to the unexpected windfall from the European commission, in awarding the Irish state a lump sum of of €13billion. The unearthing of manipulative practices as a result of an investigation into Apples aversion to the principle of paying fair dues, is why this judgement was made.

At the end of the day, even if we don’t get the full €13billion for keeps, something is way better than getting nothing at all, so why the confrontational self-righteous attitude now I wonder?

Where were these knuckle-baring knights in shining armour when they were badly needed? Remember the daily and ongoing requests that continues to add multiples to our sovereign debt pile? Outward only demands’ that were coming in thick and fast for millions of Euro? Those noisy Dail performers who are now turning their noses up at this gift, were cowering in their leather seats and sweating in their tailor-fitted suits like the lily-livered souls they were, for allowing Irish taxpayers’ money flood into foreign bondholders’ coffers, while the consequence of this can only be measured by the fact that hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens were literally forced to become paupers in a very short period of time.

You see it is all down to cute hoor politics. Accept the money and they quite rightly would have to accept wrongdoing, or perhaps we should refer to it as ‘white-collared manipulation of the department of finance’s currency transactions’?

To refuse as has been done, the big bag of money left dangling in front of us like a genetically engineered carrot’ is a defensive ruse in the guise of being some sort of patriotic act in saving our good name in the eyes of foreign capitalist enterprises and suchlike. The reality is that it is an attempt to steer away from the original mischievous calculations by Revenue and the consequent follow-up of inappropriate shenanigans that led to Apple’s jaundiced deal of the century continuing apace.

The consequence of not accepting, means that additional millions in fees will now be swallowed by the talking-shops set up to entertain international lawyers, wives, mistresses and personal assistants. But the Taoiseach Enda Kenny (a man who looks so awkward, he most likely uses a fork to drink his soup), or the baneful lever man, Micheál Martin won’t have to stump up a cent from their personal accounts, and can carry on singing ‘ you are the ‘apple’ of my eye, in the Dail Bar after every episode of uncomplimentary name calling and baseless accusations at Sinn Fein and left independents across the floor who reiterate the rational reasons for “accepting the ‘owed’ money” from this enormous corporate organisation.

It’s the ordinary Joe Soap along with every decent taxpayer and small struggling businesses throughout rural Ireland who as usual will suffer the most. They will be at the forefront of footing this needless bill.

Meanwhile the schools, the hospitals, the homeless, the jobless will go lacking, and lamenting their uncertain future, all because we never seem to have the guts to elect a government who are in favour of a fair distribution of the country’s wealth.

James Woods

Gort an Choirce
Dun na nGall

World must see us a laughing stock now

We must be the laughing stock of Europe by this Goverment over turning down a €13billion plus interest that has been deemed by the European Commission to be due to us on tax. Surely it should be Apple who should be challenging this ruling since their tax affairs are based on Irish tax arrangements that were already acceptable to successive Irish goverments which were put in place by the Fianna Fail goverments of the past. It is easy to see why they are supporting the challenge while trying to legitimise what has happened. Both of these parties had no issue imposing the harshest of measures on their own people at the behest of the EU without any challenge and yet they are not prepared to tackle the tax affairs of the corporate elites. It is ironic to think that successive irish goverments have enforced bureucratic Rules by the EU on our fishing Industry the farming community and those who wish to cut turf. The list is endless. Could successive Goverments be complicit in tax avoidance? That’s the way the world now sees it and it has opened a can of worms.

Noel Harrington

Co Cork

Small-mindedness stirred up a scandal

Having watched the recent edition of Scannal, which dealt with the Paddy Donegan “Thundering Disgrace” affair, two things struck me. First Liam Cosgrave’s sheer small- minded attitude. Having failed to get his boy T F O’Higgins elected as president he began what can only be described as a vendetta against President Ó Dalaigh even going so far as to use the government’s power to prevent the president from leaving the country to attend the investiture of the pope even though Ó Dalaigh, as head of state, would have been the appropriate person to do so.

As if that were not enough he then attended himself, accompanied by his daughter.

Mind you, on the other hand, Ó Dalaigh was a tad pompous seizing every opportunity to air his much vaunted ability to speak several language,s but Frank Hall, who better, struck the right response to this when he announced one evening “President Ó Dalaigh, having heard the news, said ‘Mama Mia, nuair a eirigh me ar maidin little did I think go dtharloadh se seo’.”

Brendan Casserly


Flip-flopping by Fianna Fáil leader on Irish Water

I was reminded of Groucho Marx’s quote “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them... well, I have others.” while listening to Micheál Martin being interviewed about Irish water charges yesterday morning on Radio One. Truly “the more things change the more they remain the same”.

Maurice Curtin

Marble Hall Gardens
Ballinlough Road

Would Noonan go if he was insulted?

If I were to call Noonan, the Minister for Finance, a ‘thundering disgrace’ do you think he might have the decency to resign? He turned down an offer of €13 billion owed to us, the Irish taxpayers, and at the same time offered those on minimum wage a whole 10 cents an hour increase.

Mike Mahon

Kilvere Park


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