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Dana is right – our parliamentary democracy is at death’s door

I AGREE with Dana Rosemary Scallon (Letters, July 12) about the death of parliamentary democracy here.

I was shocked when it was announced there was no need for a vote on the Civil Partnership Bill – no trivial piece of legislation.

The stag-hunting and dog-breeding bills resulted in a similar debacle. When certain TDs tried to represent their constituents’ views they were told in no uncertain terms that constituents don’t count when it comes to what “the party” wants. Is that the way ‘democracy’ is to operate in future?

And who decides what the party is thinking? Is there some brain in a hidden chamber like the Mekon in Flash Gordon?

It seems to me certain parties are simply an oligarchy with lower echelons of yes men who feel under no obligation to represent their constituents once the formality of being elected is complete.

My concern, like Dana’s, is about the waft of totalitarianism coming from the Dáil. I salute those TDs who made a stand and took the consequences. They are the kind of politician I will be voting for at the next election, if I’m given the chance.

Nick Folley



Co Cork


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