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Culling badgers is State sponsored savagery

In the animal cruelty industry, words are employed as a verbal cover for barbaric acts of animal cruelty.

The Department of Agriculture recently put out to tender the supply of 25,000 units of ‘Packaging Solution for Biological Material’ as part of their equipment list in the campaign to rid the country of bovine TB. In simple English these are body bags to carry the bodies of executed badgers.

This is the fate of up to 6,000 badgers within the next 12 months as the department ramps up its programme of culling badgers.

It is estimated that since 1984, 100,000 badgers have met their deaths at the behest of the department while unknown numbers of badgers left this earth at the hands of the farming and hunting community

This killing takes place despite the fact that the badger is protected under Irish wildlife protection legislation. As ever in Ireland, a dispensation from the rule of law permits the annual slaughter of this animal to take place under the guise of scientific research.

The snaring and killing of badgers at the behest of the Department of Agriculture is State-approved savagery.

John Tierney

Association of Hunt Saboteurs

PO Box 4734

Dublin 1


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