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Cuba trumps capitalists with health care for all

While Canadians and Americans are wrestling with a measles outbreak, Cuba is an island of health according to Canadian Researcher John Kirk.

 Not only has every Cuban been vaccinated but if you were to stop any random person on a Havana street, he or she can tell you “exactly what immunisation they already had, the scientific evidence behind them, and at what ages they needed to be updated”.

That’s because Cuba integrates information about all aspects of vaccination. The result is that Cubans see vaccination as both a right and a patriotic duty. And the benefits are obvious. Cuba hasn’t had a single case of measles in two decades while Canada had more than 2,000 and the US many times that.

Of course such vaccination penetration wouldn’t be possible without Cuba’s community health care system. The island has one doctor for every 200 people. Compare it with around one doctor for 480 people in Canada. The health system is among the world’s best. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the US. Cuba’s doctors were the first to go to Africa to deal with the Ebola crisis. That’s how a poor communist country can beat the rich capitalists to the north.

Gordon Cunningham

Carndonagh Park




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