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Cub-killing is a warm-up for fox-hunting season

Fox cubs are one of the secrets of hunting with hounds.

Starting in August and ending prior to the start of the fox-hunting season in November, vixens and their cubs are blooding fodder for hunting hounds. This is legal.

Hidden, elusive fox-cub hunting sessions are diamond-hard slaughter conducted by hunt officials. Younger hounds are trained to locate and kill the fox, rekindling in older hounds an interest in hunting. Hounds are guided by the huntsman to scent, track and kill fox cubs.

The more fox cubs that end up in the mouths of the hounds, the more the hounds understand their role. Failure to make the hunting grade ensures a quick earthly exit for a hound.

Fox-cub hunting is brutal, accompanied by a soundtrack of screaming foxes, howling hounds and the violence-laced yelps of hunt officials. The drive is to mould the hounds into one single killing unit, ready and able to do the huntsman’s bidding on the hunting day. A well-blooded hunt pack will ensure that when the scent is patchy on the hunting day, they will have the drive to keep looking for their fox.

Fox-hunting is built on the deaths of fox cubs.

It is kept hidden by hunt supporters, who trot out vague references to it by way of saying it prepares the hounds for the hunting season.

Hunting with hounds is a cruelty-soaked activity. It dishes out death in a sadistic manner for enjoyment.

When the butchering of fox cubs for entertainment is your hobby, fox hunters should not be surprised that the sobriquet of ‘animal abuser’ is tacked to their dark hearts.

John Tierney

Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs

PO Box 4734

Dublin 1


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