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Corbyn isn’t seeking obscene bailouts or war

Anyone concerned about the dangers of the “hard left” to the economy might reflect on the fact that the greatest economic catastrophe of our lifetime, the banking collapse of 2008, was the direct result result of hard-right, unregulated free-market policies.

That a politician like Jeremy Corbyn who is actually in favour of not continuing to kill people through resource-grabbing foreign wars, and not impoverishing millions more through increasing inequality, can be considered a radical, is a sign of how inured we have become, in a neoliberal world, to accepting social and political injustice as the inevitable price we have to pay for “the economy”.

Maeve Halpin


Dublin 6


Frits Potgieter is General Manager with Muckross Park Hotel and Spa.You've Been Served: Frits Potgieter, Muckross Park Hotel and Spa

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