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Conscience clause would be discriminatory

Your headline, ‘Religions unite against referendum’ (April 15), is contradicted by the coalition of faiths for ‘Yes’ to marriage equality as represented at a conference in Trinity College Dublin. 

The speakers at ‘The Religious Case for Yes’ included Protestant and Catholic theologians and a rabbi. The conservative Christian and Muslim groups who are seeking a conscience clause should be careful of what they wish for.

Why not extend the clause to a hotel owner, a printer, a caterer who is unwilling to endorse a mixed-faith marriage?

Their suggested clause does not invoke conscience objections in relation to other minority groups. Faith in Marriage Equality say ‘not in our name’.

This petition for a conscience clause is discriminatory and impractical and will damage the reputation of faith groups among the rest of society.

Dr Richard O’Leary

Hanover Court

Francis Street, Dublin


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