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Cardinal Brady should resign over failures

It is chilling to read that Cardinal Sean Brady has not resigned after the BBC report of his failure to report to police and parents a list of children who were being abused by notorious paedophile priest Brendan Smyth in 1975.

Brendan Boland, the victim at age 14, who gave Brady all the evidence needed to stop the abuse, is quite right to call for the cardinal to step down immediately (May 9).

When Archbishop Diarmuid Martin called for another commission of inquiry into the abuse of children by paedophile priest Brendan Smyth, he also lamented in a public speech that nobody mentions the fact that Pope Benedict has written two extraordinary books on Jesus Christ. Some in his flock believe that the greater good might have been served if the pope had written a book entitled: “What would Jesus do if he heard that one of his apostles was molesting children in his flock?”

Cardinal Brady might ponder the case of Bishop Bernard Law in Boston who, after a long period of denial, was forced to resign for shielding paedophile priests and failing to protect victims.

Robert F Lyons




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