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Campaign group now a radical political party

WHILE the established parties were knocking on doors and kissing babies, our newest political party was formed on May 12.

The transition of éirígí from a Dublin-based socialist republican campaign group to Ireland’s newest and most radical political party will, I believe, be seen as a very significant event in the fullness of time.

Although this development may have taken some people by surprise, in many respects it has been on the cards for some time, given the growth of the organisation since its formation in April 2006.

In that context, your assertion (May 14) that éirígí were a reaction to the Sinn Féin stance on policing (which was not formulated until some nine months later) is incorrect. While other political parties promise everything but ignore the needs of ordinary people, éirígí strikes me as having a very strong idea of what a radical, campaigning political party should be.

The new party held a commemoration in Arbour Hill to mark the 91st anniversary of the execution of James Connolly who, I’m sure, would have been very proud that in 2007, after many false dawns, there is now a group of people who seem to understand the need for a campaigning party of the working class.

I, for one, wish them well.

Donal O’Driscoll
21 Casement Street
Co Cork


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