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Call to outlaw sodomy is 17 years too late

IN his rather bizarre interpretation of the Civil Partnership Bill, Fr Tom Ingoldsby SDB claims it will legalise what he calls “sodomy” (Letters, June 23).

If Fr Ingoldsby had bothered to read the bill, he would know it does no such thing.

“Sodomy” (or “buggery”, the equally ridiculous term used by the criminal law) was actually legalised in 1993.

His assertion that “time is not on our side” if this law is to be prevented is surely the understatement of the century – he is 17 years too late.

In his crusade against the bill and against homosexual people generally, Fr Ingoldsby would do well to reflect on the words of St Francis de Sales – the saint whose name his order bears – when he said: “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly”. This is exactly what homosexual couples of both genders aspire to do. Why should the law prevent them?

Barry Walsh



Dublin 3


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