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As jobless numbers soar we need much more than ‘right climate’ for growth

The number of people out of work is edging to the 500,000 mark – the highest level in the entire history of this state.

This figure is testament to the failure of successive governments to tackle the scourge of unemployment. Down through the years we have had a plethora of reports, policy reviews, think-tanks and endless committees trying to find a solution.

But at the end of the day, the dole queues just keep growing. During the 1980s we had the safety valve of emigration, but this no longer applies as recession bites deep in the US and Britain.

We cannot expect other countries to solve our problems. We must find our own solutions.

Most people are concerned about this sorry state of affairs because they know young people of talent who are currently jobless or because their own children cannot find work, despite their individual achievements in the Leaving Cert or at university.

While the economic situation may improve, employers will not be interested in people who graduated several years ago but have no experience. They will go directly to those who have just finished their degrees.

It is not enough for the Government to talk about creating the “right climate” for economic growth.

Unemployment has become far too critical for such a simplistic attitude. This is a human tragedy for hundreds of thousands of our people.

They want to see positive action and a determination to encourage enterprise and industrial development. What has happened to the Government’s plans to stimulate job creation by developing our natural resources such as forestry, fishing, food and tourism.

Are we becoming too dependent on handouts from the EU in our economic planning?

The Government has the opportunity in the December budget to show how serious it is about job creation and fostering an enterprise culture.

The Governmernt must recognise that tackling unemployment is now the nation’s number one priority. By their deeds shall we judge them.

Cllr Noel Collins

‘St Jude’s ‘


Co Cork


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