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Artistic boycotts are unfair on Israel

K Nolan makes valid points (Letters, May 9) in his criticism of social media sites and his comments on internet Nazis being faced down is to the point.

To persuade artists not to visit a country would be legitimate; however, the targeted intimidation of Dervish to cancel their visit to Israel using means which can only be described as repugnant begs the question as to which constitution do those opposed support?

A recent visit to the former concentration camps at Neuengamme, Belsen, Sandbostel and Bremen-Farge is a stark reminder of the excesses of fascism and is instructive as to the raison d’etre of Israeli goverments as they attempt, with aggressive determination, to secure their borders against belligerents in the absence of a negotiated settlement.

Victims are victims irrespective as to whether they are Palestinian or Israeli, and their cause would be better served through a process of active reconciliation rather than the negativity of cultural fascism as espoused by those engaged in artistic boycotts which divide rather than reconcile.

Peter Mulvany

Conquer Hill Rd


Dublin 3


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