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Article ‘missing a bit of perspective’

Victoria White says that she believes that ‘when it has come to it, our politicians have tried to do right by us’ by not defaulting at the time of the bailout (Opinion, Dec 12).

She also states that the politicians did the right thing despite what she calls the ‘self-interested, irresponsible, and deeply ignorant’ attitude of sections of the media, especially the national broadcaster who were calling for default at the time.

What is missing from Victoria White’s article is a bit of perspective. She fails to mention that the country would not have been bankrupted at all, and there would have been no need for the bailout, had politicians tried to do right by us and made more responsible decisions during the Celtic Tiger period.

The attitude of the media during that period, however, was to paint a picture of everything in the garden being rosy. ‘No problem’ was the mantra and ‘whingers’ were given short shrift.

It could be argued that unquestioning media support for Celtic Tiger era policies was more serious in its consequences than their calling for default during thenegotiations for the bailout.

A Leavy


Dublin 13


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